Waves of Time

In the gallery space where paint meets clay, “Waves of Time” emerge as a testament to the ebb and flow of existence. This exhibition brings together the works of two artists: the painter Orsolya Bagala and the ceramic sculptor Nour Fog.

Orsolya Bagala’s works on cardboard, paper, and canvas invite us to witness the various phases of life. With her brushstrokes, she captures the diverse themes of existence and her works are a timeless reflection of the human journey, reminding us that life is a flowing sequence of stories waiting to be told.

Contrasting with Nour Fog’s profound thematic explorations of life and death, transformation, and the enduring allure of beauty, through ceramics. Each of Nour’s pieces is a philosophical meditation, a vessel that not only consists of clay but is also where profound thoughts and emotions are collected. Through their work, we are invited to ponder the intricate dance of existence, where the boundaries between life and art have blurred and merged.

“Waves of Time” serves as a reminder of time not following a linear progression but a series of interconnected moments. The memories of tragedy, beauty, and the fragility of life are encapsulated in these artworks, where every stroke of the brush and every sculpted curve tells a story of its own. In this exhibition, the porous and uncertain nature of time is embraced, allowing us to appreciate the ever-changing tides of existence. We look forward to sharing some time with you as we explore the waves of time, where beauty and meaning are found in the delicate balance between creation and the passage of moments.

Skumfødt / Birth

Welcome to Skumfødt. Nour Fog has occupied the elegant premises on the first floor in Møstings with a ceramic scenery of sensuous and organic sculptures. A soundscape of the ocean and heartbeats, waves in over the high-ceilinged spaces filled with formations that have associations of shells, cut stones, embryogeny, organs and pregnant stomachs.
The exhibition uses the course of a pregnancy, a labor and a post-birth course as a starting point. The works reflect the emotional and bodily conditions, senses and experiences that can appear during the intense and fragile journey while creating a child.

Nour’s exhibition branch off into the nature outside of Møstings, where the androgynous and mythological creature, Hydro Human, proudly rises from the surface of Andebakkesøen.

Nour works with a non-binary aesthetic and agenda, where they deliberately both work for and oppose the traditional sexes and symbols. With their idiom, Nour wishes to create works that can contribute to a rounder, softer and more flexible understanding of the world.

The title, Skumfødt, refers to Sandro Botticelli’s painting Den skumfødte Venus (The Birth of Venus) from 1486, which also defines the exhibition’s visual starting point in the mythologies and symbols of the ocean.

For the exhibition, Nour has invited composer Jirasol Pereira Ayala to create the soundscape of the exhibition. They have also invited Victor Boy Lindholm to contribute with the text Mennesker kan ikke se under vand.

Nour Fog (b. 1981) became a graduate from det Jyske Kunstakademi in 2016 and works investigative and sculpturally in the ceramic medium, with a focus on gender political themes and sensuality. Sound and performance often play a big part in their works, and Fog has earlier had exhibitions displayed in, for example, Overgaden, Gl. Holtegaard, Sydhavn Station and Galleri Image.

Mothers Shield

Press text:

Clay in art is more popular than ever both in Denmark and internationally. 

COOL CLAY – Ceramic Containers in Art Today presents 20 Danish artists’ reinterpretation of clay pots as works of art. Here the clay container exists as applied art, myth, body, sound instrument, canvas, and sculpture.’

The staging of the exhibition  – with tons of earth on the gallery floors and heavy textiles on the walls – arouses the senses – touch, sight, smell and hearing intensify the experience of the many works filling the galleries.

Photos: David Stjernholm