Waves of Time

In the gallery space where paint meets clay, “Waves of Time” emerge as a testament to the ebb and flow of existence. This exhibition brings together the works of two artists: the painter Orsolya Bagala and the ceramic sculptor Nour Fog.

Orsolya Bagala’s works on cardboard, paper, and canvas invite us to witness the various phases of life. With her brushstrokes, she captures the diverse themes of existence and her works are a timeless reflection of the human journey, reminding us that life is a flowing sequence of stories waiting to be told.

Contrasting with Nour Fog’s profound thematic explorations of life and death, transformation, and the enduring allure of beauty, through ceramics. Each of Nour’s pieces is a philosophical meditation, a vessel that not only consists of clay but is also where profound thoughts and emotions are collected. Through their work, we are invited to ponder the intricate dance of existence, where the boundaries between life and art have blurred and merged.

“Waves of Time” serves as a reminder of time not following a linear progression but a series of interconnected moments. The memories of tragedy, beauty, and the fragility of life are encapsulated in these artworks, where every stroke of the brush and every sculpted curve tells a story of its own. In this exhibition, the porous and uncertain nature of time is embraced, allowing us to appreciate the ever-changing tides of existence. We look forward to sharing some time with you as we explore the waves of time, where beauty and meaning are found in the delicate balance between creation and the passage of moments.

Skumfødt / Birth

Welcome to Skumfødt. Nour Fog has occupied the elegant premises on the first floor in Møstings with a ceramic scenery of sensuous and organic sculptures. A soundscape of the ocean and heartbeats, waves in over the high-ceilinged spaces filled with formations that have associations of shells, cut stones, embryogeny, organs and pregnant stomachs.
The exhibition uses the course of a pregnancy, a labor and a post-birth course as a starting point. The works reflect the emotional and bodily conditions, senses and experiences that can appear during the intense and fragile journey while creating a child.

Nour’s exhibition branch off into the nature outside of Møstings, where the androgynous and mythological creature, Hydro Human, proudly rises from the surface of Andebakkesøen.

Nour works with a non-binary aesthetic and agenda, where they deliberately both work for and oppose the traditional sexes and symbols. With their idiom, Nour wishes to create works that can contribute to a rounder, softer and more flexible understanding of the world.

The title, Skumfødt, refers to Sandro Botticelli’s painting Den skumfødte Venus (The Birth of Venus) from 1486, which also defines the exhibition’s visual starting point in the mythologies and symbols of the ocean.

For the exhibition, Nour has invited composer Jirasol Pereira Ayala to create the soundscape of the exhibition. They have also invited Victor Boy Lindholm to contribute with the text Mennesker kan ikke se under vand.

Nour Fog (b. 1981) became a graduate from det Jyske Kunstakademi in 2016 and works investigative and sculpturally in the ceramic medium, with a focus on gender political themes and sensuality. Sound and performance often play a big part in their works, and Fog has earlier had exhibitions displayed in, for example, Overgaden, Gl. Holtegaard, Sydhavn Station and Galleri Image.

Mothers Shield

Press text:

Clay in art is more popular than ever both in Denmark and internationally. 

COOL CLAY – Ceramic Containers in Art Today presents 20 Danish artists’ reinterpretation of clay pots as works of art. Here the clay container exists as applied art, myth, body, sound instrument, canvas, and sculpture.’

The staging of the exhibition  – with tons of earth on the gallery floors and heavy textiles on the walls – arouses the senses – touch, sight, smell and hearing intensify the experience of the many works filling the galleries.

Photos: David Stjernholm

Body Objects

Press text:

Since he graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2016, the Danish artist Nour Fog has worked with sound, installation, and performances. In recent years, ceramics has been the starting point for creating works with integral technical components including sound, smoke, and movement capable of generating mood changes, transitions, and sensuality. Body Objects is Nour Fog’s first major solo show.

In the exhibition, a sculptural landscape emerges from the three groups of works Siren, Non-Binary Objects, and Organs along with a diversity of (natural) materials, forms, and expressions. Non-Binary Objects is a group of fluid organic shapes made in ceramic material with a metallic lustrous glaze. The sculptures are examinations of form condensed into pure archetypes, allowing abstract and minimalistic expressions to trigger associations; perhaps sensuous and erotically stimulating, social group dynamics, microbiological cell formations, or physical anatomy? The work shows a tension between opposites where Nour Fog suggests their mutual dependency by pointing out the dialogue and conflict that exist between them. The title Non-Binary Objects can be read with a gender-political bias; as a refusal to view phenomena binarily, instead hinting that there may, indeed, be more than just two nuances.

Siren, the most monumental work in the exhibition, is 3.60 m tall and takes possession of the gallery space with its massive physical volume. Inspired by the funnel-shaped form of a warning siren, the sculpture functions as an amplifier which regularly activates a siren’s song by human voices. The work is both alluring and threatening like the mythological female sirens, who called out to shipwrecked sailors only to devour them. The sculpture shows Nour Fog’s examinations of basic musical principles such as the reverb effect of musical instruments and how the design of ceramic hollows and openings are significant for the propagation of sound waves. The installation Organs in coarse sculpture clay describes the inside of the human body; kidneys, arteries, breasts, and buttocks. The elements have been suffused with spiritual and historical awareness in what resembles an archaeological dig featuring pot sherds, vases, and incense vessels: Here and there, the spouts of the sculpture emit a fine smoke, enveloping the space in mystery and a light mist.

Nour Fog addresses gender-political themes, musical science, and sensuality while his examination of form in sculpture, ceramic formulas, and glazes is inspired by everything from Japanese and Indian lacquer techniques, Venus from Willendorf, sci-fi, and classical archaeology. In his sculptures, the artist examines physical interior and exterior concepts via forms and spaces and, on a symbolic level, themes such as psychology, body, and sexuality.


A Ceramic exhibition by Maj Kjærsig & Nour Fog

Danish Press text:
Uundgåelige skæbner manifesteret i forstenede vidnesbyrd som en del af en større fortælling. En levetid sammensmeltet i klæbrigt vådt ler i en hyldest til det defekte. Potteskår, som links til fortiden. Sammensatte rekonstruerede dekonstruktioner, indhyllet i ruinkroppes tåger. Nærbilleder af forliste sammensmeltede landskaber. Omfavnelse og accept af det uperfekte.
Maj og Nour har lavet værker i stentøjsler og porcelæn, samt lidt røg. Ler er blevet rullet, modeleret, smadret, forglødet, begittet og glaseret. Nours kropslige skulpturer og Majs smadrede og sammensatte flader, mødes i en udstilling, hvor objekterne fungerer som en slags nutidslevn, der taler om tings og kroppes levetid. Udstillingen finder sted på stationens billboard under broen, i transithallens plakatstandere, samt i de to udstillingsrum.


Danish Press text:

Nour Fog og Anna Samsøe præsenterer i udstillingen Vacant Potential en skulpturel lydinstallation. I et forsøg på at afdigitalisere lyd, har Nour og Anna produceret en serie keramik skulpturer, udformet til at forstærke ekko når lyde sendes igennem dem. Ud fra samme princip som ekkoet, der forplanter sig i det nærliggende materiale, vil digitale lyde formere sig i keramik skulpturene og i gentagelsen blive afdigitaliseret og akustisk igen.
Nour og Anna er interesseret i at diskutere et for dem vigtigt samtidsfænomen, hvilket er automatisering af mennesker og dehumanisering af elektronik. Ved at kombinere elektronik med keramikkens organiske former menneskeliggør de elektronikken og automatiserer menneskelige former.
Nye undersøgelser viser at komprimeret lyd mindsker hjernens aktivitet og akustisk lyd skaber en øget aktivitet og sætter flere hjernecentre i bevægelse. Mange bruger lyd som terapi, men er det en digital fil, vil den være komprimeret og undersøgelser viser at den samme reduktion sker med effekten. Lydende i udstillingen er udformet frekvens-specifikt og ud fra teorier om lydenes psykoakustiske indvirkninger.


Press text:


The first group exhibition organised by pro temp.

pro temp. [occupying a position either temporarily or in the absence of something regular or fixed] is a new platform established in 2017. Founded by Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, Isabella Hemmersbach, Jamiee Williams, Julie Sophie Koldby and Sia Hurtigkarl Degel.

pro temp. will curate exhibitions by showing emerging artists in gallery spaces such as Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Nicolai Wallner, David Risley and V1 Gallery amongst others. The aim is to give unrepresented artists a temporary place within the established art world, by taking over renowned galleries’ spaces and arranging ultra short exhibitions in between the galleries’ own shows.


Danish press text:

Maj Kjærsig og Nour Fog indtager Brandes forladte renseanlæg med lydinstallationen Intruders. Installationen består af 12 skulpturer sammensat af gamle højtalere, gevækster i keramik, papmaché og metalstativer. Installationen opfører en lydkomposition bestående af moduleret glas, theremin, kor, zentheziser og fieldrecordings.

Renseanlæggets store og overvældende runde rum med en stjernehimmel af loftsvinduer og stedets forfald, har været udgangspunkt for duoens skabelse af værket Intruders. Duo Demona består af Nour Fog uddannet fra Det Jyske Kunstakademi og Maj Kjærsig uddannet fra Det Fynske Kunstakademi. De arbejder med lydperformance og lydværker med en skulpturel og installatorisk tilgang. Udstillingen er en del af OFF ROAD projektet ”Forladte Huse” og er arrangeret af Gavlmaleriforeningen MUREN og udstillingsstedet KUNSTPAKHUSET i forbindelse med Aarhus 2017 Europæisk Kulturhovedstad.